Inspired by the immortal masterpiece of English writer Charles Dickens, this album will take the listener through a musical journey to re-live Ebenezer Scrooge’s road to find himself and the true spirit of Christmas.

20 sprightly, jolly and Christmas spirit filled tracks including sleigh bells, carillon, celesta and majestic orchestral arrangements ready for any Christmas related projects.

  • ComposerOriol Novella
  • ProducerOriol Novella
  • MixOriol Novella
  • MasterMatt Chapman
  • StudioKencort Studio (BCN)
  • TargetFilm, Film Trailers, Advertising, TV Shows, Radio
  • MoodDark, Epic, Festive, Misterious, Adventurous, Nostalgic, Happy, Gentle, Festive
  • Copyright© 2020 | MUCHAS MUSIC